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Salesforce CPQ and Billing


After an order is placed under Salesforce CPQ, billing picks up the order and generates a record for an invoice, payment, and revenue. Salesforce Billing requires integration with Salesforce CPQ. The term CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote. The CPQ is a sales tool for businesses to generate quotes for orders quickly with accuracy. It helps sales reps sell the right product combinations, controls discounting, and automates approvals.

Need for Salesforce Billing


RevGurus comes with a strong cloud ERP and Revenue Management background and we can help in the implementation of Salesforce CPQ and Billing focusing on end to end customer engagement that can be managed in Salesforce, whilst the internal financial system is managed in the ERP. When leveraging this platform, there’s one point of pricing doing the calculations, one continuous process for the transaction, then a seamless hand-off to Accounts Receivable and Reporting. This process eliminates a lot of the chaos of recalculation and duplication enabling faster data flows between points in the revenue lifecycle and you’re able to get down to proper execution.

need for salesforce billing

Key Benefits of Integrating CPQ and Billing


  • Streamline’s Quote to Cash process: As for pricing data and logic flow from the CRM platform to Salesforce Billing, the sales lifecycle is covered. Company has the control and visibility over the data and can focus on designing new revenue models.
  • Error-free Bills generated: Unlike the traditional process, your sales team is automatically guided through the process and pre-configured rules that can be set-up to avoid mistakes.
  • Simple billing for Subscription and usage-based products: Organizations must manage renewals, upgrades, prorations, add-ons, trial periods, one-time setup fees, etc. Salesforce Billing is expressly designed to manage all of these complex bill requirements.
  • Flexible billing arrangements for customers: To avoid payment-related conflicts with customers, salesforce offers dozens of payment processing apps through the AppExchange app store that can add multiple types of billing options to your payment processor.
  • Improves Sales Performance: Salesforce Billing automatically feeds your billing data to your Salesforce artificial intelligence engine, enabling you to arrive at even more precise figures for monthly recurring revenue, annual contract value, cash-flow forecasts, and other financial indicators of performance.
  • Strengthened Customer Relationships: Customers’ billing records are automatically linked to their Salesforce profiles. These profiles are readily accessible providing the entire organization a comprehensive, 360-degree customer view and strengthened relationships with customers.


RevGurus Salesforce team specializes in Implementations, Managed Services, and Integration services that leverage the best practices in Salesforce implementations with robust Project Management that focus on timely and quality deliverables.