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Cloud ERP – Enabling Remote Work

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Cloud ERP – Enabling Remote Work

We are living in a time where COVID 19 has modified the way we live and work. Every individual is realizing and recognizing a new normal within which each of us has to adapt.

It is undeniable that working remotely can be a daunting task, both for the employee and for the team as a whole. In the last few months, companies found themselves in an unprecedented situation where a transition from work from the office to remote work became essential yet complex. However, advancement in technology has made the process smooth.

No matter what industry you are working in, transitioning to remote work requires the right set of tools. The software you plan to use should allow employees to participate in online meetings, access relevant documents, and indulge in collaborative activities.

There is nothing better than Cloud-based ERP Software that gives users access to software applications running in shared computing resources via the Internet to meet all such needs. The significant advantages of Cloud ERP go beyond allowing remote work. For instance, companies can pay only for the computing resources required. Also, the installation of both software and hardware on user devices isn’t needed. Cloud ERP is truly making remote work easy and possible.

Let’s take a look at how Cloud ERP makes remote work possible.

Offers Better Communication
As per various studies, one of the most common issues that remote employees face is communication. But, Cloud ERP Software comes equipped with features and specific tools to alleviate communication gaps.

This technology is enabling workers to access diverse information under a sole portal. With such software, employees get access to information whenever they want, from wherever they want.

Increased Productivity
A firm can increase an employee’s productivity with the implementation of Cloud ERP. Thanks to an easy implementation process, the downtime for waiting for the system to begin is less. Employees are also able to learn the system more quickly.

ERP isn’t just beneficial for remote working but also for businesses with multiple offices with a large number of employees. Since the Cloud system allows you to work from anywhere, it increases the possibility of higher productivity, given you have internet access.

This feature also highlights the downside of other software, which leaves you with no chance of getting back to ERP software until the next day as the software is in-house. With Cloud ERP, companies can meet their goals as employees have unlimited access to the software.

Cost Saving
Besides the overhead cost that companies can save while remote work, Cloud ERP is hosted offsite and accessed via the Internet. Consequently, costs on infrastructure are saved, and remote employees do not require any additional equipment to use the software other than the computer system and the Internet.

Since Cloud ERP also leads to increased productivity, it adds to cost-saving. Better reporting results in reduced time spent on routine tasks and makes time for innovation, collaboration with the rest of the team, and other optimizing processes.

Many people think that innovative and advanced tools, such as ERP software, might be costly. This argument is reasonable from a short-term perspective, but if companies start looking from a long-term perspective, it’s the opposite. Over an extended period, expanded profitability, along with effectiveness, will only bring advantages for your firm. This makes it essential to put a considerable amount of resources into ERP.

Makes Processes Streamlined
When manufacturing companies expand, there is an increase in operational complexity. This can create hurdles and result in loss of productivity. When it comes to such complex processes, ERP solutions work as an aid.

It helps navigate complex processes, stops data re-entry, and benefits all departments while facilitating order completion.

NetSuite ERP – Streamlining Business Processes

NetSuite is one such ERP, which permits the companies to handle all the crucial processes in one system. NetSuite acts as a single version of the truth. The best part about NetSuite is it is 100% cloud-based – hence no requirement of complex infrastructure setups and related cost,

Most companies use NetSuite for Customer Relationship Management, hosting e-commerce stores, tracking financials, and project management, along with the apparent use of enterprise resource planning. Moreover, you can apply NetSuite to a range of business applications on being such a flexible platform.

NetSuite is amongst the leading software for small and mid-sized businesses. It offers a wide array of support ranging from standard help desk ticketing to do-it-yourself training courses.

There are various continuing benefits associated with Cloud ERP, allowing remote access to employees being the primary benefit. NetSuite comes with a native mobile app for Android and IOS, enabling you to stay on top of what you need & track your business performance from anywhere. NetSuite’s mobile app features allow users to check KPIs from anywhere with full mobile dashboard support. When it comes to boosting a company’s profitability, there is a high chance of achieving it due to the advantages of cost-saving and increased productivity.

Besides flexibility, Cloud ERP will give employees access to all necessary information. This means they can carry out work outside the office, increasing the possibility of closing more deals that ultimately increase revenue.

Cloud ERP solutions are an integral part of business success. If you have plans to migrate your legacy systems to new-age cloud ERP software solutions, RevGurus will help with its customized NetSuite ERP solutions. We are the recognized and trusted NetSuite implementation partner, helping many growing businesses. Our NetSuite experts ensure your business grows beyond the challenges driven by innovation.