Consulting Services

We are here to help your Business Processes become Simple, Sustainable, and Scalable on Cloud Platforms!


RevGurus transforms your business processes with the guidance of an authorized Zuora RevPro, Zuora Billing, NetSuite, Zone Billing, Salesforce & Coupa team of certified experts. Having successfully delivered on projects for various SMBs and Fortune 500 Enterprises, we have the requisite expertise & knowledge to help you move your business processes to On Cloud platforms.


Our expert consultants take a 3-dimensional, holistic view of your business and business challenges, analyse your systems and processes, and design a solution catering to your needs.


We create real business value with our technical and functional experts by providing tailored consultation in Billing and Revenue Recognition, Data Migration, Cloud Integration, and ERP Implementation.


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Our Experts with in-depth knowledge of ASC 606 guidelines provide accurate consultations

The knowledge of systems and compliance requirements that our team has is leveraged to analyse the existing revenue system for operational and process efficiency. Our team gets in-depth of any issues and pain points that the client is facing, does a root cause analysis and suggest solutions for making the revenue management an efficient and effective task for the client and suggest a better revenue management tool to accommodate your current needs.