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Zuora RevPro is the top ranked and the most widely deployed automated solution for revenue recognition.


Every company has unique revenue recognition policies and rules. RevPro seamlessly integrates with your ERP and business applications to automate the entire revenue recognition process or can work as a standalone solution as well.

What does RevPro do?


  • Analysis of the contract in the Revenue system.


  • Verification of the Revenue Release as per requirement, Verification of Manual Release, Hold & Approval.


  • Calculation of Carves Adjustment and Multi Currency Allocations.


  • Creation of Revenue waterfall of future scheduled revenue.


  • Report Summarizations.


  • Transactions are processed and reviewed on a real-time basis.


  • Any manual changes to transactions and system settings are tracked, reported and reviewed.

How We Help?


  • Understanding and helping customers finalize requirements for implementation.


  • Preparing Functional, Technical and Conversion Design Documents.


  • Configure Revenue Management Systems.


  • Test and Document: Unit Testing, CRP, Integration Testing, UAT and Data Conversion.


  • Help in data integration for Inbound and Outbound


  • Provide Incident Tracking and Issue Resolution.