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Comply with Indian Regulations Seamlessly: NetSuite Backup Strategy Unveiled!

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Comply with Indian Regulations Seamlessly: NetSuite Backup Strategy Unveiled!

Problem Statement:

The Government of India, through an amendment on August 5, 2022, mandates the maintenance of books of account and other relevant documents in electronic mode. Additionally, it requires that these electronic records remain accessible within India at all times. Moreover, the amendment necessitates that backup copies of these electronic records be stored on servers physically located within India, with daily backups. This amendment poses a significant challenge for companies operating in India, particularly those with multinational operations or reliance on cloud-based solutions hosted outside the country.

Use Case:

Consider a multinational corporation with operations in various countries, including India. The company, let’s call it “GlobalCorp,” operates in multiple sectors and generates a substantial amount of financial data. To comply with the new amendment set forth by the Government of India, GlobalCorp needs to ensure that its financial records are maintained in electronic mode and are accessible within the country’s borders at all times. Additionally, it must establish a system for daily backup of these records on servers physically located within India.


To address the regulatory requirements imposed by the Indian government, GlobalCorp can implement the following solution:

NetSuite Configuration for Electronic Record-Keeping: GlobalCorpis using NetSuite and all financial records, including transactions, ledgers, and reports, are maintained electronically within the platform.

Establishment of India-Based Servers: GlobalCorp should invest in setting up servers physically located within India’s borders. These servers will serve as the primary storage for the company’s electronic financial records.

Daily Backup Procedures: GlobalCorp must establish robust backup procedures to ensure the integrity and availability of its financial data. Daily backups of all electronic records should be performed, with these backups stored securely on the India-based servers.

Backup Monitoring:

Compliance Monitoring: GlobalCorp needs to establish a monitoring mechanism to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulatory requirements. This includes regular audits of the electronic record-keeping systems, backup procedures, and server infrastructure to verify adherence to the mandated standards.

Risk Management and Contingency Planning: GlobalCorp should develop comprehensive risk management and contingency plans to mitigate potential disruptions to its electronic record-keeping operations. This includes measures to address cybersecurity threats, server failures, and other potential risks that could impact the availability or integrity of the financial data.

By implementing this solution, GlobalCorp can ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements set forth by the Government of India while also enhancing the security and reliability of its financial record-keeping processes. Additionally, this solution provides the company with a robust framework for managing risks and ensuring the integrity and availability of its financial data in the long term.

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