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Choosing The Right ERP Implementation Partner

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Key Success Factors That You Need To Consider While Choosing The Right ERP  Implementation Partner

The implementation of software is equally important as choosing the right software. And deploying software in the best way strongly depends on choosing the right ERP implementation partner.

Implementing an ERP solution is nothing like buying and installing antivirus software. It’s a complicated and costly investment that will affect every segment of your business. For successful implementation, you need an implementation partner who not only has the product knowledge but can connect and associate with your team while understanding their requirements and providing guidance to them. Additionally, an implementation partner should support your team whenever they need to make the project a huge success.

Choosing the right implementation partner is imperative. Further, you must evaluate your business needs by recognizing pitfalls associated with business growth. Moreover, it is crucial to analyze what works and doesn’t work within your existing IT infrastructure. After identifying your business requirements, look for ERP solution partners who have addressed similar business requirements and have successfully provided support to other organizations in a similar industry. Your implementation partners must also understand your short-term and your long-term goals.

A right implementation partner will take responsibility for both sides, at each phase of the implementation to drive the most success. The ideal ERP partner will develop a deployment plan, manage the implementation project, and provide long-term support.

You must design the system selection process to identify the best system and implementation partner combination. In the request for proposal document issued to prospective vendors, the questions must gather information about the system functionality and costs. They must also garner details about the implementation partner’s quality and knowledge, along with the experience and skills of the individual consultants who will be assigned to the implementation team. Below are critical success factors that you must consider while choosing your ideal partner.

Technical and Functional Expertise

In-depth knowledge of the software is essential. But there are some other necessary things that you need to consider besides product knowledge. Your partner also needs to comprehend how the new ERP solution will integrate with your existing software systems and processes.

You can check and verify their expertise through certifications, case studies, industry knowledge, awards, recommendations, and reviews. The implementation partner’s team should also be skilled, certified, and experienced. Based on the partner’s industry experience in successful software project implementations, you can get a fair idea about the project implementation’s obstacles and success.

Industry Expertise

While choosing the right ERP implementation partner, ensure that the implementation partner has experience implementing the same system in an industry similar to yours. At the time of ERP module planning, you may need add-ons or customization in a module specifically for your vertical. For this, your partner should have the technical knowledge, besides experience working with similar industries.

They should know the industry language to understand your team and your industry’s best practices. They must be aware of industry regulations and compliance requirements. Are they aware of any other software that needs to be integrated with the new ERP? It is worth asking potential partners for industry experience, diverse ERP experience, and how they would utilize the same for your organization’s specific needs.

Compatibility with an Ideal Implementation Partner

Different organizations deal with issues in numerous ways, and it’s this personal insight and knowledge that serves to make projects successful. An ERP deployment can last months, requiring hundreds of decisions and a lot of hard work. Your team must interact with your implementation partner throughout the deployment for successful implementation and in the years that follow.

They must compel you to feel that you will trust not solely their technical experience, but their work ethics and interaction with your team. Is your team comfortable interacting with the partners, and are they accessible? Do they show professionalism, pro-activeness, and a customer-centric approach to your organization’s goals? It would be best if you feel confident that the partner will provide consistent and reliable service over the life of your system.

It is undeniable that choosing an ERP implementation partner is a decision fraught with uncertainty and scepticism. For companies that never had to evaluate third-party implementation partners, the sheer amount of information they assess might quickly prove overwhelming.

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