Coupa Supplier Information Management

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Mitigate Supply Chain Risk & choose the right Supplier to protect your Business with COUPA

We at RevGurus will help you streamline your back office and optimize your supply base with Coupa. Digitizing Supplier onboarding process and maintenance can put an end to your Supplier chase and reduce risk across the supply chain management.


The abundant option for everyone in Coupa Supplier Management makes itself a unique platform right from automated email and paper invoice capture to an easy portal and cXML for the most strategic suppliers.

coupa supplier information management

Innovative Approach to Supplier Management


  • Self-Service Supplier Information Management
  • Continuous Monitoring of Supplier Risk
  • Evaluate your Supplier base on critical risk domains including InfoSec, Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption
  • Manage third party risk and ensure compliance
  • Complete Visibility and access to your Suppliers
  • Identify the most loved supplier with Supplier insights & Community Intelligence
  • Streamline your Supplier Network relationship
  • Integrate with other Spend Management system easily

coupa supplier management approach

Collaborating with Suppliers is made Easy with Coupa’s Open Business Network


Give your supplier network the freedom of choice on how they connect with you. Advance technologies from the Coupa Supplier Portal ensure effortless Supplier Enablement, which is fast & easy, and also with no fees to add on that extra cost. Invite your Supplier to register and experience everything they need to do in this powerful tool, right from receiving POs to sending invoices, managing catalogs, providing new certifications, or remit-to information. The Coupa Supplier Portal provides real-time-visibility into all transactions with self-service status enquiry whenever needed. With Coupa’s Open Business Network, you can still digitize those supplier interactions from a 3rd party system for purchasing, generating PO’s automatically, or receiving invoices.

coupa supplier chain management

Get Prescriptive Insights Powered by Artificial Intelligence in Coupa’s Community Intelligence


  • Monitor every supplier by using Community Insights and information from credit scores, news sentiment, supplier intelligence, and more to identify risk proactively and avoid business disruptions with Coupa’s own Risk Aware.
  • Commodity Insights provides recommendations to optimize category spend on a commodity level and how their supplier mix compares to best-in-class companies, by using intelligence for your needs.
  • Prior to making a purchase, incorporate supplier intelligence to identify the best suppliers by item, region, and more, also invite them to sourcing events by using Supplier Insights.

How We Help:


  • RevGurus specializes in the implementation of Coupa’s Source to Pay Business module through a team of Coupa Platform certified and skilled professionals.
  • RevGurus have experienced Functional Coupa consultants who adopt the best practices in implementing Strategic Sourcing and leverage Business Spend solutions through advanced Contract Management.
  • We at RevGurus strongly focus on providing cost-effective, timely, and quality deliverables.