NetSuite for Manufacturing

Automate the entire Product Lifecycle Management of your Manufacturing Business

A manufacturing company needs to handle various tasks such as accounting, invoicing, billing, order management, purchase, inventory control, financial management, quality control, sales, human resources, etc.  NetSuite for Manufacturers is a complete ERP package with various modules that meets all the requirements of your growing business. NetSuite – a cloud-based software that helps to automate and streamline all the manufacturing processes. It brings together all these activities on a single platform, improving agility.

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Product Features




  • Saves Engineering changes related to BOM.
  • Integrates with CAD software.
  • Tracking of inventory and cost control.
  • Flexibility in costing – supports extensive methods of costing including average, actual, standard costs, LIFO, FIFO.


Sales and Marketing


If your manufacturing organization is still depending on trade show participation for marketing efforts, NetSuite can help in online marketing, by creating, executing an email campaign. With the help of analytics, it can measure the success of email campaigns. You can convert leads into customers.


  • You can get real-time sales forecasts.
  • Achieve customer delight.
  • Mobile access to the essential elements such as customer dashboards, sales orders.
  • Auto generates sales quote by adding pricing, sales tax, and discounts. Converting quotes into sales orders and send to the finance team for revenue recognition.


Bill of Materials (BoM) Management


  • BoM is a list of materials required to build final products. NetSuite allows multiple BoMs for single assembly and single BoMs for multiple assemblies.
  • Create new BoM, while keeping the existing ones intact by copying.


Supply Chain Automation


  • NetSuite offers Global Supply Chain control and visibility. Even though you have multiple locations, you have the same control and real-time visibility over vendors, 3rd Party contractors, and suppliers.
  • Maintain inventory and stock levels and auto-creates restock alerts.
  • NetSuite puts suggestions related to purchase orders and generate purchase orders, transfer orders, work orders across global locations. It improves and accelerates Distribution Planning.
  • You can maintain required inventory levels with demand planning forecasts.
  • Visibility into inventory accelerates better Distribution Planning


Order Management


  • Easy and anywhere order fulfillment.
  • Fulfill orders according to availability of inventory across all locations.
  • Supports pick, pack and ship.
  • Integrated with delivery partners such as FedEx, UPS, and Postal Services.
  • Auto transition orders to shipping and invoicing.
  • Real-time visibility into order management.
  • Can automate Blanket Purchase order process to avail maximum discounts from suppliers.
  • Purchase Contracts and Requisitions
  • NetSuite allows employees to apply for Purchase Requisitions to purchase items, materials or goods. This purchase request can be approved by supervisor.
  • Blanket POs, Purchase Contracts and Requisitions and Distribution Requirement Planning / Distribution planning.


Production Control


  • Auto-create work orders from sales orders.
  • Manufactures have access to the Critical Factors of each assembly and inventory.
  • Get real-time updates of shop floor via Tablet application and barcoding.
  • Manage multi-level assemblies with single work orders.


Service and Support


  • Provides access to the customer data for better support to your customers.
  • Assign support tickets to customer email address.
  • Simplifies product return.
  • Ensures availability of training materials.
  • Improves warranty management.


Quality Management


  • Provides tools to ensure delivery of high-quality products.
  • Define inspection plans and perform them through mobile devices.
  • Allows capturing of images through mobile devices to attach to records.
  • Create pass/fail criteria for goods or materials.


Financial Management


  • Manages all accounting needs.
  • Real-time view of your financial actions world-wide.
  • Access to financial reports such as balance sheets, income statements.
  • Auto calculates taxes, charges, discounts, currency differences and generates bills.




  • Offers convenience of omnichannel purchasing – B2B and B2C online buying.
  • Transfer orders to back-office for fulfillment.
  • Allows total control on pricing and promotions of the products.
  • Availability of search engine analytics, online marketing analytics.
  • Allows Online Payments via PayPal, Google, and credit cards.


Why Manufacturers opt for NetSuite?


  • A single platform that encompasses management of essential elements in the manufacturing business – inventory, eCommerce, finance, customer management. No need to integrate multiple systems.
  • Complete automation of manufacturing of products enhances productivity and quality.
  • Reduction in IT resources and support costs.
  • Get real-time data about all aspects of your business to make better decisions.
  • Reduce time to market of new products without compromising their quality.
  • Multi warehouse management.
  • Shop floor management.
  • Bar code scanning.
  • Enhanced accounting, costing, and payment management.
  • Improved scheduling, work order management.
  • Implement marketing campaigns effectively.
  • Empower omnichannel purchasing.


NetSuite provides all the functionalities in a single system to run a manufacturing business. It can be customized to fit your unique manufacturing needs.


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