NetSuite for Software and Tech Companies

We are living in a digital world that is led by technology which is changing continuously. Keeping up with new tech trends, staying relevant, and implementing these changes is an integral part of any business. And technology company be it a startup, mid-market, or a big giant is not an exception.


Software companies face several operational challenges including revenue recognition, automation, customer services. A technology company at every stage of the life cycle faces unique hitches. To be prepared for technology progressions, and future-proofing your business, it is of utmost importance to assess and invest in correct tech solutions.


ERP is of great help when it comes to attending to the specific needs of software companies. NetSuite for Software companies helps businesses to get the most out of technology investments.


The Features and Benefits of NetSuite to Software and Technology Companies

features and benefits of netsuite

Why NetSuite?


Being a software company itself NetSuite is well aware of technology businesses and the challenges they face regularly. NetSuite – an integrated cloud platform, takes care of your entire software business. You can manage your projects, financials, and sales and marketing activities on a single platform.


Handling multiple projects, billing of all clients separately, managing currency of different countries, along with real-time data insights into your project throughout the project lifecycle – NetSuite handles these aspects in a single integrated cloud-based solution!


NetSuite Features that help Software Companies


Enhanced Financial Close

Faster financial close with accurate and quick reporting. With deep accounting capabilities, NetSuite reduces manual interferences and thus errors. Automates end-to-end financial close and controls audits.


Automated Revenue Recognition

With efficient tools, NetSuite manages and resolves complex revenue recognition issues and helps to maintain compliance with changing standards.


Synchronized Billing

NetSuite automates billing across subscription, product, usage, and services. Reducing errors, increasing accuracy and efficiency.


Simplified Global Market Expansion

Manage multiple currencies, taxes, and reporting requirements when you are expanding in different countries. Also enables real-time visibility of your worldwide business.


Dynamic Order Management

Simplify and automate sales processes from orders to cash eliminating manual errors. Automated approvals, pricing, and discounting help in reducing costs.


Optimizing Subscriptions

Subscription renewal revenues are the backbones of Software and Tech companies. NetSuite automates renewals for better revenue prediction and resource allocation forecasting for services/products-based companies. With powerful tools to optimize recurring revenue, helps in managing continued and time-based licenses.



Every Software company has its unique requirements and goals. NetSuite helps in the customization of the NetSuite package for your software business-specific needs and ensures future upgrades to new versions.


Automate Professional Services

With NetSuite PSA, IT companies can automate their back-office operations. Also get a 360-degree view of your project concerning financials, project progress, resource allocations, etc.


The total Professional Services Automation Tool ensures optimization of critical business processes and improves business performance. NetSuite PSA connects the crucial dots within a software company such as human resources, project management, costs, financials, billing. It allows you to take total control of your projects along with maintaining the budget constraints.


High tech businesses need to deliver projects successfully to their customers -responding to their demands, managing the squeezing deadlines, and constantly changing project landscapes. NetSuite PSA helps to maintain all integral functionalities of the organization taking care of day-to-day aspects of a business. That makes software companies focus on their core functions.


In short, NetSuite PSA ensures optimum use of resources, timely delivery of projects, and managing project accounting successfully.


NetSuite takes care of all – CRM, Revenue recognition, eCommerce, Billing. For technology and software companies, NetSuite is a powerful cloud solution that handles back and front office operations to boost growth, minimizes complexities, and increases efficiency.


RevGurus being a NetSuite Alliance Partner is experienced and certified NetSuite ERP Consultants, led by experienced business and technology experts. With a strong technical background and good Integration experience, we have successfully delivered projects for various SMBs. Our accounting and financial team has qualified chartered accountants. We ensure your software business improves its efficiency and profitability with NetSuite.


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