NetSuite WMS

Precise and Quick Order Fulfilment with Real-Time Visibility of Warehouse Operations.

Companies that produce, sell, or distribute the products, are required to receive, store and deliver those items within or outside of the warehouse. Warehouses of manufacturing or supply chain units possess all the goods and materials. To enhance productivity, the operations within the warehouse need to be optimized. Receiving, storing, picking and shipping of goods are critical functions of warehouse management.


To maximize your warehouse performance, NetSuite Warehouse Management Systems offers intelligent capabilities and much more. NetSuite WMS is built into NetSuite and can integrate with other existing functionalities easily.


Support, Optimize and Streamline your day to day Warehouse Operations through below


Functionalities of NetSuite WMS:


Warehouse Management


wms dashboard netsuite

WMS Dashboard


  • Warehouse automation.
  • Warehouse Activity Dashboards to Give Real-Time Overview of Warehouse Operations.
  • Creating Cycle Counting
  • Warehouse operation management.
  • Mobile barcode scanning.
  • Supports RF/mobile Device Scanners that read the barcodes and share all the product information with WMS.


Inventory management


  • Define picking and put-away of items and get recommended bin locations.
  • Real-time Recording of Transactions – receiving, storing, picking, and shipping of items in the warehouse.
  • Distribute inventory into Bins and Bin Tracking.
  • Populate the expiry date of goods with tracking of shelf life.
  • Barcode scanning of inbound, outbound, and inventory items.
  • Manage multi-location inventory.
  • Auto-calculate Lead Time of any item depending upon the recent order history.
  • Auto-calculate preferred stock level of goods based on demands of that goods.
  • Once you enter the safety stock level, WMS can auto-calculate reorder points.


Advanced Pick, Pack, and Ship of items


  • Design Picking, Packing, and Put-away rules and task management.
  • Auto-generate labels when receiving items.
  • Hide expired lots while picking.
  • Picking items of multiple sales orders at a time.


NetSuite WMS Mobile


  • Users have Mobile access to perform the tasks.
  • Mobile app with better user experience.
  • Mobile device scanner.
  • Can scale up with an increase in purchase volume.
  • Cycle counting, pick, pack, and ship functionalities can be accomplished through mobiles.


Benefits of NetSuite WMS


  • Total control over all the warehouse operations from the receiving of goods or materials in the warehouse till the time those items move out.
  • Improved labor productivity.
  • Cost-saving.
  • Provide visibility and accuracy of inventory, real-time and at all locations.
  • Better warehouse space utilization.
  • Reduced manual data errors and time spent on manual data entry.
  • Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately.
  • Enhanced customer service with fulfillment accuracy and reduced shipping errors.
  • Improved relationships with business stakeholders e.g. – internal team, vendors, customers.


Every product-based company dealing online or offline needs warehouse management software to manage the distribution channel and boost revenues. NetSuite WMS with Industry-Leading best practices optimizes your warehouse operations.


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Built on the NetSuite platform, NetSuite WMS has the flexibility and you can design it according to warehouse specific parameters you require! To know more about how NetSuite WMS can optimize your inventory and warehouse operations, Contact RevGurus.


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