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Salesforce – the world’s #1 CRM

Salesforce is your customer success platform, designed to help you sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with your customers. Salesforce is a customer relationship management software solution that brings together companies and customers. It’s a single integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments a single yet shared view of every customer.

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Unlocking the true potential of Salesforce


RevGurus can help organizations implement Salesforce CRM solutions to meet the evolving business requirements of companies of all sizes, at every stage of growth that will make your business grow and constantly deliver high-quality solutions at competitive prices by continuously keeping CRM strategies aligned with business goals. RevGurus Salesforce team delivers end-to-end Salesforce services through in-depth business requirement analysis, assessment, designing, development and implementation, and support.


  • Better, Cost-Effective, Modern, and Faster CRM from Salesforce: Salesforce has the ability to revolutionize your business to the next level. Salesforce’s CRM software instantly streamlines and automates your business processes. By creating infrastructure-as-a-service, your business allows sales, marketing, and support teams to work in synchronization allowing the aforementioned teams to generate new clients and give better service to existing ones.
  • Accelerated lead generation by 44%: Our effective service helps in keeping your sales reps and marketing team focused on increasing sales and generating revenue, instead of manually tracking and working on the sales leads.
  • Increased revenue by 37%+: By allowing teams to market through multiple channels and view all account-related information and activities, Salesforce Customer Management Software reveals what works and what doesn’t, ultimately leading to quick conversions of leads to customers.
  • Enhance Customer Retention by more than 45%: Salesforce CRM helps your business build connect with clients by responding confidently to customer enquiries and managing follow-up actions more efficiently through clear visibility of customer-related information.
  • Faster App Integration by 52%: connect to everything by running your business on one platform. CRM solutions offer a plethora of services to help your business grow like partner/channel management, web communities, award-winning interfaces, point-and-click customisation, and seamless CRM integration at Salesforce.

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