A Turnkey solution Reducing the efforts of Lengthy Implementations.

SuiteSuccess is the best implementation methodology from NetSuite. You can go live on the NetSuite cloud platform in less than 100 days and sometimes under 30 days as per the scope. SuiteSuccess comprises Industry-Leading best Practices already built in the system. It is a pre-packaged software that includes all the modules from NetSuite required for that particular industry.


Although every client is unique, there are some common functionalities of each industry segment. NetSuite ERP has been implemented by thousands of customers over years across the globe. With this experience, NetSuite has gained a deep knowledge of standard practices and processes critical for all the industries.


NetSuite has pre-configured these common characteristics in SuiteSuccess. The in-built, inherent industry-specific, functionalities help in rapid adoption and quick implementation instead of recreating the whole system. The basis of SuiteSucces is taking advantage of the Common functionality along with industry-leading practices that NetSuite customers are using to simplify the sales and implementation process.


Pillars of SuiteSuccess:


Pillars of SuiteSuccess


Build: Supports all the businesses and their functionalities including Accounts and Finance, Marketing Automation, PSA, HR, Inventory Control. Provides the latest upgrades without any cost.


Engage: SuiteSuccess includes NetSuite Leading Practices with domain knowledge, KPIs, Dashboards, workflows, reports, metrics for each industry. Further, it provides flexibility to customize on the NetSuite platform.


Consume: Vertical specific deep domain expertise approach provides capabilities to the companies to start depending upon business needs at initial state.


Optimize: SuiteSuccess grows as your business grows. It provides continuous engagement, updates, new features, add-ons, makes it a future-ready solution.




  • Rapid Implementation
  • Cost-effective
  • Leverage native functionalities to meet the requirements of different industries. The years of experience of actual live projects provide an insight which enhances business performance.
  • Allows customers to start from day one: SuiteSuccess provides customers with all industry-leading KPIs, reports, dashboards, reminders, analytics needed to make daily strategic decisions from day one.


Core benefits of SuiteSuccess:


Business Visibility:


  • 360° visibility and actionable insights improved – 55% to 80%
  • Reporting time and resources decreased – 40% to 55%


Financial Management


  • Time to close financial books dropped – 45% to 70%
  • Audit completion and support time decreased by 25% to 40%


IT Management and Resources


  • A decrease in IT support costs – 40% to 65%
  • Business continuity costs came down – 45% to 65%


Industry Expertise: With more than 3,000 hours of experience in almost all industries, SuiteSuccess has built the industry-leading best practices into SuiteSuccess.


Dedicated Roles: You can jump-start business activation as the pre-defined roles already present.


Tailored for Your Business: All the business process flows and KPIs specific to your business and industry already built in your SuiteSuccess.


Turnkey Setup: You can set up SuiteSuccess immediately and start training the users.


SuiteSuccess certainly accelerates your NetSuite ROI. Do you want to take your business to the cloud in less than 100 days? Then get started with SuiteSuccess.


RevGurus, being a trusted partner of NetSuite, empowers companies to optimize and maximize their ERP investments. Our Solution experts can guide you through each step of implementation. Our Vast experience in NetSuite enables us to collect the best industry-specific practices and apply those to the solution. We provide support to keep your SuiteSuccess run smoothly. Our NetSuite solutions are cost-effective and delivered on time.


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